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October 26, 2015

Learn How to Use Wireless Speakers

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This post is designed for people who are not familiar with electronic products. I’m going to focus on wireless speakers. In particular, I’m going to show you how you can use them and make the most out of them.

discounted wireless speakers

Wireless speakers are probably more popular than ever. Obviously, as opposed to regular loudspeakers, wireless speaker models cut the speaker cord. That in turn allows for much more freedom when setting up speakers. Most importantly, portable speakers such as Bluetooth speakers are truly wireless because they get their power from an internal battery. Obviously, using speakers with the battery has its limitation regarding their operating time as well as their wattage.

There are some heavy-duty wireless speaker models available which use batteries. However, the speakers usually cost in excess of $500 because of the …

September 15, 2015

A Look at the New Lightning IPod Docking Connector

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You probably have heard that every Apple device such as an iPod or iPhone has a docking connector. These connectors are unique to Apple products and are not found on any products from other manufacturers. The reason why Apple introduced is connector is in order to allow for their products to be docked on two other products while these products can access the information which is stored on the device. Apple, obviously, also could’ve provided for a USB port and allowed access that way. However, the fact is that Apple devices still dominate the market in many segments and therefore many manufacturers have introduced products which provide a connector that is suitable for docking.

With the latest generation of Apple iPhones and iPods, the docking connector has been changed. Previously, …

August 17, 2015

How Do Class-D Power Amplifiers Work?

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Recently I have received a few emails from some members of our community asking about the inner workings of Class-D power amplifiers. Let me cover some of the basics. As you may already know, Class-D amplifiers are by far the most common type of audio amplifiers these days. They differ from class a and class AB audio amplifiers in that they use a different type of amplification. The result is that the power efficiency of Class-D audio amplifiers is much greater than that of previous amplifier technologies. That fact alone explains why Class-D audio amplifiers have displaced the majority of other topologies.

cool speakers which are wireless

There are actually different types of Class-D amplifiers. The basic operating principle, however, remains the same. The audio signal which is fed into the input of the amplifier is usually going …